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Our Hot Shea Butter wax makes for a gentle, soft pulling and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and hydrated – making it perfect for more intimate areas. Its lower melting point also ensures a pleasant temperature on the skin.

Our natural pine wax also ensures a delicate and effective pull, which leaves no residues and is non-sticky.

Over time, the more you wax the less hair you’ll grow – so a great long-term option.

If you’d like to know more about your waxing options, please feel free to get in touch with our experienced technicians! We’re passionate about getting great waxing results for you and happy to answer any questions.


  • Your Legs

    Remove unwanted hair from your legs, for that smooth look and feel which emphasises muscle definition. Quick waxing treatment, outstanding results.

    • $65 (for full leg wax)60 minutes
  • Your Chest

    For a smooth chest and stylish “manscaping” which lasts up to six weeks. Come and see your waxing professional for great results!

    • $5045 minutes
  • Your Back

    A waxing solution for a clean hairless back – that stays that way for longer. Consistently smooth results.

    • $5030 minutes