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The New Plant Gold & Clarins Aromaphytocare…

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The New Plant Gold…

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Aromaphytocare is a unique concept created by Clarins founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, over 60 years ago!

It is the synergy of aromatic essential oils, beneficial plant extracts and caring application techniques.  This 100% natural origin skin care, combines the iconic Blue Orchard Treatment Oil with a lightweight, non-oily emulsion that offer the skin nutrition, vitality and radiance.

Aroma: the fragrant and stimulating power of essential oils.  The art of using essential oils for their treatment benefits, also known as aromatherapy, dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire.  Obtained by distillation of the leaves, flowers, fruit or roots, essential oils are soluble in oil and diffuse the fragrant essences of plants.  They also have a recognized action on the psyche, via olfactory messages that they send to the brain.

Phyto: the beneficial properties of plant extracts.  In parallel, Clarins is developing its plant expertise, by continually using the latest scientific advances to select the best plant extracts and create products with proven effectiveness.  Every year, the properties of over 1,000 plants are studied by Clarins Laboratories.  No less than 250 plant extracts are listed in the Clarins catalogue, 70 of which are organic.

Care: effective skin care and 100% well-being.  The formulation expertise of Clarins Laboratories is all about combining the benefits of science and plants.  Its also an art in Clarins Spas, where Beauty Therapists incorporate Aromaphytocare into their practices, for example, by blending oils with creams or masks, to deliver even more effective benefits and well-being.

The New Plant Gold…for those clients looking for skincare that is of 100% natural origin which nourishes, revitalizes and restores the skins radiance.  With daily use, the skin is more luminous and better toned, revitalized and more radiant.

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